About House of Yoga

House of Yoga is dedicated to creating an environment that promotes inner harmony, emotional development, and physical health through yoga and community engagement.

Linda Osorio and the House of Yoga Staff are committed to promoting fitness of the mind, body, and spirit for all ages and abilities with the underlying goal of getting the student more present and aware of their own natural abilities. In addition to yoga, with the contributions of local holistic educators,we hope to provide a space that promotes a shift in consciousness towards well-being, living in the present and healthy lifestyle changes with our on going workshops.

About Hot Yoga

A type of Hatha Yoga that emphasizes breath work and yoga postures in a room heated from 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heat and humidity of the Hot Yoga environment create a much higher oxygen demand from the body than in normal conditions. The elevated requirement for oxygen forces the lungs to expand to a greater capacity to hold more oxygen. In regular yoga practice, lung expansion ranges from 35%-40% of total capacity, whereas in Hot Yoga, the lungs will commonly expand to 50% of their capacity.

Muscles of Hot Yoga practitioners are trained to be more efficient in oxygen absorption and heat dissipation on a metabolic level. This leads to better muscle endurance during a workout. The Hot Yoga sequence of poses is conducted in such a way that it is highly effective in building muscle strength. The external heat allows muscles to expand and contract to greater limits, so that higher flexibility can be achieved without the risk of injury.

Since the level of muscle conditioning directly impacts the amount of calories a person burns during exercise, the regular practice of Hot Yoga will help lead to more efficient calorie burning.

Bikram is a type of Hot Yoga and is sometimes considered synonymous with the term. However, Hot Yoga is not necessarily Bikram. The differences are primarily evident in the sequence of the postures.