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Personal Yoga Training

1st Timer Package: 7 One Hour Sessions - $470

New to Yoga and want a solid foundation without having to be in a classroom setting? Then this is the package for you! Train with a registered and experienced yoga teacher for 7 sessions learning meditation, breathing and proper alignment in every practice. Build a solid and safe yoga practice that will serve you for a lifetime. Here is a glimpse of what you will learn

• Yoga Terminology
• Pranayama (Breathing)
• Meditation Practices
• Moving Mindfully
• 25 Yoga Poses
• Alignment Check
• Proper Ways to Use Props
• Before and After Pictures
• Hand out of your practice so you can continue on your own

First Month – 1 Session per week
Second Month – 1 Session every other week
Third Month – 1 Session
For Individual Lessons $75/hr or $105 for 90 minutes

Strengthening Yoga Package: 10 One Hour Sessions - $675

Do you have a basic understanding of your yoga practice or a solid foundation and are now looking to really tone it up? This package is meant for the yoga practitioner who is looking for a yoga mentor/teacher to hold them accountable in building their strongest body yet! Attention to the core while in proper alignment as well as keeping the breath steady, this package will have you stronger before you know it! Here is an idea of what to expect:

• Regular Alignment Check
• Practicing with purpose and Yoga Assist
• Using props to challenge your practice
• Lots of different core exercises that are healthy and safe for the back
• 25 Yoga Poses
• Inversion Basics
• Recommended Outlined Diet
• End each session with therapeutic relaxation
• Before and after pictures
• Hand out of your practice so you can continue on your own

Recommended 2-3 sessions per week with little gaps for best results.
For Individual Strengthening Sessions $75/hr or $105 for 90 minutes.

Therapeutic Yoga Package: 6 One Hour Sessions - $459

This package is for the person who is injured or is recovering from an injury or surgery. A Registered Yoga Teacher and Licensed Medical Massage Therapist will discuss your concerns and medical history to create a therapeutic yoga experience for you. Using communication, yoga anatomy and breathing, we will do our best to ease the restrictions of the body in a safe and healthy manner, giving you the tools to incorporate this into your daily life. Here is a general idea of what will unfold:

• Designed therapeutic yoga poses/exercises for your needs
• Proper use of props such as bolsters, blocks and straps
• Breathing Techniques that help reduce pain
• Therapeutic massage and pressure points as you work through the poses to ease the muscles more
• Mindfulness and Meditation practices before, during and at the end of the session
• Therapeutic Relaxation in areas that are sore along with your choice of therapeutic topical ointments or essential oils to take the edge off
• Heat Packs to areas of inflammation or Ice Pack
• Before and After Pictures
• Hand out of your practice so you can continue on your own

Recommended 1 time per week for 6 weeks for long term results.
For Individual Therapeutic Yoga Sessions - $85/hr or $115 for 90 min

**We do not advise that you end any recommended medications or advice from your medical professional when practicing with us**

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