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Yoga Therapy

The therapeutic benefits of yoga dates back thousands of years! Today they are still very widely used in physical therapy, massage therapy and bodywork. Aside from doing the pose that is specific to your physical needs, you will also learn to breath better and live more minduflly!

Linda Osorio is a licensed and certified massage therapist with over 12 years of experience. Owner of Stafford House of Yoga and Co-Owner of Stafford Massage and Healing Arts, Linda specializes in medical massage and was a pioneer in the region for bringing onogocloy massage. Her extensive knowledge working with the medical community and with over 1400 hours as a yoga teacher along with her Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga training, she is able to create a plan that fits your needs!

Creating a therapeutic yoga session for you to help counter act any physical and mental setbacks is her goal. Consistency will be yours.

To book your Yoga Therapy session
Call 540-659-0777

60 Min. $85
90 Min. $115
At Studio
Add an additional $25 for off site Yoga Therapy within 20 miles.

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