I absolutely love ALL yoga classes. The instructors are all phenomenal. Everyone is so friendly and make you feel welcome. I have been doing yoga for 20, either at a gym or at home, and I have never felt more welcome than at the House of Yoga. I look forward to class everyday. I would not change a thing. Thank you. - Maria P.

I love hot sequence yoga it is my favorite ! I love all the instructors and also love everyone who works at the Stafford house of yoga ! Everyone is very friendly. - Ginny melville.

I Love the hot Sequence with Linda, she teaches and corrects your poses which to me is important. She also shows you different levels of the pose. I like when she shares bits of her journey and things she has learned on her path for inner peace. - Debbie.

I went to class at 10am today when Barbara was subbing. I love her class! She introduced me to some poses such as half camel and some supine twists before savasana that were just what my body needed and things that were new to me. She guided us very clearly through the class and I felt much better after. I hadn’t been to class in a few weeks so it felt extra good!

Thanks for providing such a great environment for practicing and for having such awesome teachers! Audrey helped me sign up for my bronze package today and was lovely as always! I'm super happy to be back and committed!Thank you!!! - Amy W.

I enrolled in the Breathing Workshop, I knew I needed this because I know I’m not breathing correctly. During the session, I became so over whelmed and felt a release of all the pain and suffering I have endured over the years and burst into tears.

Julie came to my rescue and asked if I was ok, and I said yes. Even after the session was over, I just wanted to embrace everybody in the room and tell them I truly love each and everyone of them, even though, I have never met any of them before. - Arnedia W.

"I have had R shoulder pain for a year, gone to PT, done PT exercises, Dr. visits 3x's, and NO relief. Elena focuses on one body part a month. Been working on shoulders. Today my pain is relieved! Thanks Elena!!!" - Sarah L.

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